Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ordering process work?

It’s simple! Look through our menu of meals, add the ones you wish to purchase to your cart, checkout and pay online. There will be one ordering cycle and pick-up day each week. Pick-up day is Tuesday  at various locations and times in Dubois County, Indiana. The ordering window runs from Sunday through Saturday for the following Tuesday. For example, if Sunday was the 1st and Saturday was the 7th, your meals would be available the following Tuesday, the 10th. Current pickup locations include: Bread & Butter on The Square, Crossfit Discipline, FitFuel Nutrition + Fitness + Cryotherapy (members only), and Health Pointe in Jasper, IN. Employees of Kimball/National Office, Masterbrand, and Memorial Hospital may pick up their meals at those locations. We also have pickup locations at  the Tri-County YMCA in Ferdinand, IN, Erin’s Events in Huntingburg, IN, and at MC Fitness Submission & Grappling in Loogootee. If your business or company is interested in being a pickup location, please contact us at We also do private deliveries to large corporations that offer the service to their employees.

I don’t have a credit card. Will you accept payment at pickup?

Right now, in order to streamline our process to be as efficient as possible, we can not accept payments at pickup. You must pay and process your order online. Contact us at to make alternate arrangements. 

What happens if I forget to pick up my meals?

We will email you a reminder the morning of pick-up day. If you still forget to pick up your meals, we will make every effort to contact you and make arrangements.

How long do the meals need to be microwaved?

Exact microwave time will depend on your microwave’s watts and the meals you’ve chosen. Most meals cook well for approximately 2 minutes with the lid on loosely for ventilation. We recommend stirring after one minute and then continuing to cook, as needed, for another minute.

Are these considered frozen meals?

No, the meals are not frozen. The meals are all prepared fresh the day prior to pick up. They are then kept chilled in a refrigerator until you bring them home to microwave and enjoy.

How long will the meals last in my refrigerator before going bad?

As long as the meals are kept in the refrigerator, they will last at least 5 days. Salads are best eaten within 3 days. We recommend freezing the meals at that point, with the exception of salads. 

Will eating these meals daily make me lose weight?

Eating these meals is a not going to guarantee you to lose weight, but they are a healthier alternative than running through a fast-food drive-thru. Depending on your current lifestyle and food choices, incorporating Fueled Strength Meals into your meal plans may help with your weight loss efforts.

Are the portions big enough to fill me up?

We’ve tested our meals on a variety of body shapes and sizes. We are confident that the portions of our Fueled Strength Meals are adequate for a healthy portion. However, we can not guarantee they will fill you up, because that would depend largely on your current eating habits.

Do you cater events and meetings?

Yes, Fueled Strength Meals does cater for more than 25 people/plates. For more information about our catering options, click here.

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